Ye olde Christmas tour.

A merry set of snaps of our wintery, Christmas-y, abode!
Fresh Balsam is my favorite candle. Ever.
I think we moved into our own cozy little place at just the right time. Fancying it up, decorating, lighting candles of balsam and joy, staring at our glowing tree at every chance I get, and sneaking into the living room to wrap presents when he's not watching have been some of the happiest moments I'll keep sacred and safe. 

Christmas has always been and will forever be one of my favorites of all things...of anything really. But minus the part where I was terrified of Santa for years and dry-heaved when my parents read me The Night Before Christmas and minus the time I sang "The Little Drummer Boy" alone during Christmas mass -- I really, truly grimace at that song to this day.

My parents always made every holiday so special for us kids, without fail, every single year. From a big decadent Portuguese feast to yuletide adornments in every nook and cranny of the house. I feel so honored to love and preserve their tradition.


I wish my knees were pointier.

Because I've always believed that sets off the thickness of my legs. Meaning they'd be longer, thinner. If only I were taller. 5'4" isn't too vertically challenged, but just a few more inches would help.   

If only my hair was thicker like it used to be so I could grow it long long. Why can't that flab go away. How come I always have to hide those dark circles under my eyes -- Thallassemia is a silly and rude thing. If only I didn't have that.

If only. 

Story of my nearly 25 years of life. Always needing to control what I cannot. I've had enough anxiety to shake a stick at and I would not wish those feelings upon anyone. Ever. So here's to more time resting my mind. More art, more creating. More hitting goals at the gym -- I do have to stop and say here that time spent is paying off. I need to see that. Here's to slowing down my nightly routine, to not skip the moisturizer because I'm tired, to eating a piece of chocolate if I want. Remembering my vitamins in the morning. Drinking my water and not cursing so much -- or just not giving a damn and cursing when I good and well please.

Here's to being gentle with myself. And taking good care of myself.

I suppose sometimes, many times, us ladies, whether we like to admit it or not, are very hard on our bodies. We're hard on ourselves. Why are we so unforgiving of our number one gal? So this post is here to remind me, and you, to say girl, you're doing just fine.