5 months & halfway.

How far along: 5 months (20 weeks + 3 days). Our girls are just over halfway there!

Babies' size: They are as big as mangos this week.

Total weight gain: I hardly weighed myself before my pregnancy, and I don't now. I leave that to my OB. I listen to my body and trust it tells me what my babies and I need.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity leggings! I'm really thinking of buying a few postpartum and beyond. They're great core stabilizers and nothing digs into your middle. Form fitting maternity tops -- I don't believe in the long flowing types, they make you look bigger than you are. Lots of dresses.

Sleep: Never ever enough.

Best moment this week: There were so many! Monday night, Twin A, our active babygirl decided she wanted to play with me. I rested my hand on the same spot I feel her and search for her everyday and she lightly kicked me. I pressed down ever so gently, and she kicked me again. And I did this about five times and she responded with each nudge of my hand. We have an attentive little love!

Movement: Lots of prodding and twisting with from Twin A. Not as much with Twin B, but she will nudge me to say Hi Mama! every now and then.

Food cravings: There have been many over the months, but my most consistent are cereal and oranges.

Food aversions: Nothing specific, but too often it's the concept of food. Everything is uninteresting and it takes much coercion and idea throwing from Daniel to get me to eat something.

Sex: Fraternal twin girls!

My mama casted my belly for the halfway point. She will again at the end!
Pregnancy symptoms: Exhaustion at levels beyond measure, weepiness, allergies (so many sneezes!), back pain, lots of round ligament pain since my belly is growing so rapidly.

Bellybutton in or out: In -- I don't think it'll ever pop out.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach and high intensity workouts. Red wine, coffee, and medium cooked steak.

What I'm looking forward to: Staring into our babes' faces, knowing we made them -- that they are, in every entity, a product of our love, and mini versions of us! Smelling their sweet skin, their ears, under their chins and ever so slightly to the side. Rubbing my lips against their soft curls. Studying their Daddy's eyes as he looks at them, imbedding that memory in my soul. Seeing how they interact with each other earth side and daydream how what it was like when my body was their home. How I'll always be their home. Showing them the softness of the flowers -- of this life. Oh I could go on forever.

Upcoming appointments/events: Still monthly, so April. Soon enough it'll be weekly, and then twice a week.

Wedding rings: Still fit and not swollen!

Mood: Decisive, confident, sentimental. I developed this take no shit attitude when my 2nd trimester started and I love it.

Wisdom: It really does happen so fast. Sit and be present with your baby/babies! Feel their every move.