Good, good karma.

Sometimes it comes around. 
Feeling nervous and giddy (but mostly nervous) this week. How I've waited.
I hope good, good karma maybe finds you, too.  


On being present.

Dream catcher c/o Wildflower Dream Catchers
How pure the tiny growing mind. How it easily latches on to what's right in front of it. Sweet, tunnel vision. No room for the torrent of thoughts that seep through any orifice: ears, neurons, pupils, mouth -- all things of the body are magnets of memory.

No. Young minds are so simple and oh how lucky are they. They know how to just be. A feat many of us grown ones are unable to do. We are so jaded. We are so fatigued.

But to try. To try and just try every day, every hour, with all you've got inside to stay right here. Away from there and then and in that painful memory or that trying time. No need to keep in such a state. Because what for? Why?

I paid massive attention to detail as a girl. I did things like count in my head, make up stories about colors in front of me, try and configure faces out of the lush, green mountains. Raced the raindrops and married salt & pepper shakers. I played dolls every waking moment of every day. I closed my eyes and breathed in my parents' scent, memorizing it, keeping it safe. I was always up there in my head but always in regards to what was in front of me.

I need more of this. And, I suspect you do, too. Be a child for a moment. Stare at colors and smell the spring air. Aren't they lovely? Take a break from the deep-up-there and find what you're missing right in front of here. Hold it with eager palms, the rope on a tire swing you have no choice but to cling to. Don't fall! Grab the present like a face and find the galaxies in its eyes. Look until you can see the stars drifting on boughs. Then simply be still.

The thing about hard things, past things, worry things, is that you don't have to hold on to them.