July 31, 2015

July 31st is a good day for an anniversary. A day we will secretly plan surprises for over the years -- breakfast foods, funny socks, and hikes for the occasion. And what an occasion it will be! A day we will slowly open our eyes to the morning sun and say happy x-years! And do something us-fashioned like high-five with our feet. Then we'll grab coffee and do all of our favorite things -- elated just to be in each others' company, blessed to be able to spend the time. You and me and me and you.

In one year, we will be married. We will be married. On this day, as lovely as today, three hundred sixty five days from right now. It will be a grand year of getting everything ready to say our vows in front of everyone we hold so close. In a garden we chose ourselves. Intimate, precious, a celebration.

I'm so ready for our lives. I'm so ready for our stories -- tucked away in held hands, heard in little feet padding a cross wooden floors, felt in new traditions. The crows feet from years of belly laughs. Triumphs and challenges and adventure. I am so ready. 

Today, the countdown begins. I can't wait to see you in that suit, honey -- I'm going to look my prettiest for you.


Warm summer weekends.

A quick trip up to Georgetown to play. What a curious little place! First, I'd like to thank my sweet Daniel for shooting these frames of me. Second, I'd like to say all hail to these sandals I finally got my hands on after searching high and low. Third, I'm working on embracing the awkwardness I feel sometimes and I'm actually ecstatic some of these show just that. And alas, hydrangeas are forever some of my favorite things about life.

Postscript: this day was the warmest of days! A hot summer, this one.


Taking stock.

This post has graced many of my favorite blogs lately and I thought it only appropriate I play along!

making: always.
cooking: if constructing turkey sandwiches on whole grain bread thins is cooking, since that is all my time allows, then yes!
drinking: too too much coffee.
reading: my new book, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
wanting: for a big house with ever stretching white walls and light, nooks and crannies, and wood floors.
looking: for a perfect thrift shop with perfect vintage furniture + trinkets for the wedding.
playing: Sia's most perfect new album.
wasting: too much time being plugged in.
sewing: if only I knew how.
wishing: for autumn and noel seasons.
enjoying: this day that seems to think it is fall when it's midsummer -- the rain and fog are magic.
waiting: for our apartment to be ready.
liking: that darling half up top knot trend.
wondering: what our children will look like.
loving: abundantly.
hoping: for strength.
marveling: over the literal color of the universe.
needing: a slow morning followed by a spontaneous, soul-filling day.
smelling: warm thunder and misting rain on quite the emblematic Seattle afternoon.
wearing: gym clothes, for always and always.
following: an intense 12-week workout plan (see above).
noticing: increasing feelings of fulfillment.
knowing: I need to photograph more.
thinking: about the sweetest, most vivid dreams I've been having.
bookmarking: a few pages in The Four Agreements, but very disappointed in the book as a whole.
opening: a new life chapter soon.
giggling: at silly commercial voice-overs, as such.
feeling: at the precipice of adventure.


Slowing down.

.7 .7
What could possibly be more perfect than dropping priorities on a warm Tuesday evening, grabbing sandwiches after work, and going on a drive to find a sunset? Or watching the waves ebb and flow as the saltwater is almost tangible in the breeze. When conversation dances around the idea of whether or not Jurassic Park was right when they said mosquitoes were the first living things and having a good laugh because I was recently bit by a swarm of those suckers (quite literally). Wondering if there's a seahorse couple down below also eating sandwiches, waiting for the sun's descent as the ocean turns to ink.

Or finally seeing the sun disappear behind an island off in the distance. With reds and corals in the sky and shades of mulberry on the tips of waves. Doing all of these with your very favorite person, what could possibly be better.

Nothing. Not one thing.


Words and pages.

Oh the corner of  my heart that holds all my muses, tight and safe, is surely ready to burst. In fact, if I were to show the lists I have on my phone to any professor I've ever had, they'd cringe at all the unfinished bits -- sentences leading nowhere, a surplus of topics from tiny poems and musings I write, to addresses of dear friends, recipes, HBO program reminders, and the always frequent flyer read this book! memo.

But perhaps the guiltiest and utmost accusable is my love affair with journals. I have much too many but never enough. They hold what comes out of my head at those unpredictable times of the evening -- and day for that matter. Art, poems, quotes new and old, pressed flowers and calligraphy practice are all tucked away between those covers. And I mustn't forget blackout poetry -- being terrifically challenging in all the best ways. It is my newest hobby. I do intend to come up with a sorting method, for space and sanity, but for now I shall photograph them. Consider this post an ode to my collection. Aren't they magic?


Tiny pieces of lately.

The absolute best cookies and cream ice cream treat I have ever tasted, my niece turned nine -- nine? howwhy? Enjoyed a moment at the zoo where I embodied the bird lady from Marry Poppins in her abundantly mysterious, feathered glory. Handmade flower girl invitation treasures for my nieces and they gushed and laughed and said yes! But as long as I don't have to see you guys kiss! Suddenly needed many things from the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale, which, correct me if I've gone awry, just happened a couple months ago. Oh yes I just need these 3-wick candles and foaming soaps! For smells and clean mitts! And finally treated thine eyes to the lovely flora and greens that usually come 'round in early summer.

Have a safe and sound 4th of July weekend darlings!