Tiny pieces of lately.

The absolute best cookies and cream ice cream treat I have ever tasted, my niece turned nine -- nine? howwhy? Enjoyed a moment at the zoo where I embodied the bird lady from Marry Poppins in her abundantly mysterious, feathered glory. Handmade flower girl invitation treasures for my nieces and they gushed and laughed and said yes! But as long as I don't have to see you guys kiss! Suddenly needed many things from the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale, which, correct me if I've gone awry, just happened a couple months ago. Oh yes I just need these 3-wick candles and foaming soaps! For smells and clean mitts! And finally treated thine eyes to the lovely flora and greens that usually come 'round in early summer.

Have a safe and sound 4th of July weekend darlings!


  1. Oh what a wonderful selection of memories captured. That Bath & Body sale sounds amazing! Super jealous

    1. You must hit the sale (if it is still going on!). Oh the candles, if anything, are completely worth it -- 3 wick for $9!