July 31, 2015

July 31st is a good day for an anniversary. A day we will secretly plan surprises for over the years -- breakfast foods, funny socks, and hikes for the occasion. And what an occasion it will be! A day we will slowly open our eyes to the morning sun and say happy x-years! And do something us-fashioned like high-five with our feet. Then we'll grab coffee and do all of our favorite things -- elated just to be in each others' company, blessed to be able to spend the time. You and me and me and you.

In one year, we will be married. We will be married. On this day, as lovely as today, three hundred sixty five days from right now. It will be a grand year of getting everything ready to say our vows in front of everyone we hold so close. In a garden we chose ourselves. Intimate, precious, a celebration.

I'm so ready for our lives. I'm so ready for our stories -- tucked away in held hands, heard in little feet padding a cross wooden floors, felt in new traditions. The crows feet from years of belly laughs. Triumphs and challenges and adventure. I am so ready. 

Today, the countdown begins. I can't wait to see you in that suit, honey -- I'm going to look my prettiest for you.


  1. what a beautiful picture! july 31st IS a great day for an anniversary. good luck planning :)

    1. Thank you so much!!! July 31st just sounds good, too. And I did take into consideration how a date sounded and looked when saying/writing it. I'm funny that way!

  2. Aw yay! You guys are so cute!




  3. Well hello Malia, nice to meet you (kinda!) - I've just encountered you and love everything I'm seeing. I also love that we seem to be at a pretty similar phase in our lives - I got engaged about a month ago and so any blog with a marriage countdown is okay by me!

    I love your choice of July 31st... I absolutely am doing the same thing! Choosing a date based on how it sounds and looks... Some dates just aren't as pretty as others, in a weird kind of a way?! Haha. Anyway, congratulations to you both and on officially beginning your countdown... Will be looking forward to your posts in the future! Glad I've found this great blog!

    Jemima x