She's is autumn.

I have found her.

Today I have found the leaf of all leaves. The epitome of autumn, in all her glory. I almost walked right past her but, after quite the debate in my head, girl you don't neeeeed anymore pickings!, I turned around and plucked her up off the soggy ground.

And now I am spending the rest of my day thankful I changed my mind because, though tucked away in a journal until I resolve what to do with her, she is on fire.


  1. this is adorable! "she is on fire" -- what a beautiful way to describe God's creation! i, too, found some rad fall leaves today :) how fun!

    1. I can never resist a sassy, perfect looking leaf!

  2. Damn. That is one beautiful leaf, and autumn is one beautiful season <3 New follower xx

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