Thinking in heaps.

Ah, I suppose there is a time every now and again where we rant. All this electricity gets stuck in our chests and it's very uncomfortable. I also suppose there will be times where this space will be a place for something like that -- an emesis tray to hold the evacuation of festering energy. This one will be short. I think.

A couple things, lo and behold, are making me think and think. Thinking in heaps and in mounds. Maybe it's just my own nature. Maybe, surely, I was born in the wrong era. But I hate how fast everything is. I hate how easy everything is. I hate how fast and easy are entities that form our impatient nature. Our human souls are on a downhill slope to being frighteningly banal. Feelings are hashtags and conversations are slipped beyond the point of worth because they become a means for attention instead of a good, hearty, story. Oh and social media, I mustn't linger on that topic right here, right now. So I will just say I love it. And I hate it. I cannot stand it, but like this entire earth's society, it sucks me in sometimes. It's made us approval-seeking, impatient, comparative human beings. And then it's numbing. It's so boring. It's too easy.

So here is my pledge, I suppose, my purpose of this here rant. I am here to tell myself and to tell you that I will slow down. I will feel. I will hand-write letters forever and make things and have conversations over coffee. I will live in the right now, and yes dreams are fine and all that, but if you're always chasing you surely aren't living. I will work on not feeding the need to capture everything in a photo or a post to where I lose the moment in preparation. I will read and feel and laugh real laughs born from the deepest nooks of my body

Maybe I'm just hollering into empty space, but I want interesting. Give me your story, not 100 different words and preceding number symbols to get attention. What makes you live? What makes you throw your head back and yell, laugh, or cry? Show me your mind, show me your words. 


  1. An amazing post- oh how I feel the same way. Often times I think I crave pioneer days when everything was worked for and slow paced, and I wasn't inundated with every single body's goings on:)

  2. this was wonderfully written, and i think we could all benefit from slowing down a little. xo

  3. I like these words. I struggle with this often. I love that our technology allows us to connect and to read each other's words (and see each other's minds, for those who reflect more visually), but it's too... How often do you feel the pressing need to put something on Twitter? When was the last time you looked at what you wrote on Twitter before today? It seems like such a waste to throw my thoughts into that oblivion. I like blogs, which are some form of social media if you think about it hard enough. I don't like getting important life updates on Facebook from close friends. I don't like that people will Tweet their reaction to movies I am sitting right next to them watching-- and not say a word to me. But then again, I've made good friends through social media with whom I have formed long-lasting bonds and meaningful connection.

  4. I find a lot of my posts are about slowing down because, like you said, this world is forcing itself to hurry up. And with advancements in technology happening everyday how can we not? I feel sick when I'm sitting on a bench with my boyfriend and I've noticed that we've just been staring at our phones for five minutes and not talking with each other. We've put in place technology bans at dinner and I'm hoping to spread that to dates and brunches and any moment we're together really.

    Social media is something that I love but I think there is a time and a place for it and that time isn't 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  5. This post is too perfect. The world is too fast and people are too busy searching for attention rather than respect. They're comparing themselves to others and it's just making everyone miserable. You're at your best when you don't give a crap, so live in the moment and talk to anyone around you. Social media, no matter how fun and sucky it may be, is not entirely real. Just do what you want, don't give a crap, and be happy.
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    The Life of Little Me

    1. I completely agree. Self respect gets pushed to the back burner far too often when the only one who you need to gain attention and approval from is yourself.