6 months with you both.

The love we have for you, my sweet girls. My little doves tapping and kicking around all day. We have big plans for you, and you both will know love so deep, deeper than the colors of the roses in summer. I will show you all of them and watch you blink your big eyes at the colors and shapes. We will walk you down the street to the bakery on breezy spring afternoons each of you on our shoulders, your dark curls blowing across your faces. You see, it was always so fitting, and I have said that many times. It was always you two, because it was always us, your mama and daddy.

There are two of you and there are two of us. Our hands were created to hold yours.
Elsie you have graciously found my bladder and Lyla, you love to stick your sweet little feet under my ribs. You both know the exact moment I rest and your dance begins. I can see you now. I feel every movement, all day, and at night – it puts me to sleep. And I dream of your nursery. I see the fresh creams and whites, blush pink here and there. It will be nothing but ethereal, just like you. You see, we picked out a perfect little house for our family -- it’s absolutely darling. It is our first home and will be your first too. Soon we will all be sitting in our living room filled with light as we watch it flood over your sleeping faces. Your tiny coos heard in every corner – the song of your people. Warmth all around. In my heart. I’m aching to meet you.
You are our everything, little doves.   

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