17 things you need to know about me.

  1.  I can spend hours in antique and thrift stores. I like to collect things with a past.

  2. Sometimes I get sensory overload. I can't do all my senses at once, it overwhelms me. Especially the bigness of things and I don't like loud. Significance makes me nervous and I couldn't explain that if I tried.

  3.  Hungry and bitchy are synonymous emotions.

  4. I have Thalassemia Minor, a genetic blood disorder where my blood cells are abnormally small and shaped funny so I'll always be anemic. I can't donate blood and I'm often tired but it does not define me. 

  5.  I love nut butter more than most humans. And cheese. And my bed.

  6.  I believe an expensive perfume, a set of thank you cards, and an art journal, are necessities every woman should have.

  7. I also believe in soft chill pants, Game of Thrones, Netflix, and froyo.

  8. Fitness is a huge part of my life. I do it for my brain as much as I do it for my body. Sweat heals everything.

  9. I absorb other people's emotions. If someone is worked up I quite literally soak up their vibes like a sponge. It's a difficult characteristic and I spend a lot of time working on remembering that it's not my stuff to own. It's theirs. This requires plenty of deep breathing and om-ing.

  10. Sometimes I think I'm socially anxious, but no one has ever told me that and people seem to dig me so I guess I'm not. But I think I am, it's weird. I don't know, I'm really outgoing so. 

  11. I took dance for years as a little girl and I honestly believe it does some shitty things to self-confidence and body image.

  12. I hate talking on the phone. I almost exclusively text but I hate texting too. Either I text back in 3 seconds or in like 3 days there's no in-between.

  13. I try to live a life as naturally as possible and I geek out in nutrition stores. I'll probably be a bit of a crunchy mom one day.

  14. I am terribly picky and can't make a decision to save my life. Thank goodness for Daniel who keeps me calm in the most comforting ways.

  15. Photography will always be my number one passion. I'm waiting for the time I can give it all I got and the commitment it deserves.

  16. I'm really excited about my office in our new home. White walls, spacious, vintage, with a meditation space. Makes my heart swoon.

  17. Anxious soul for life. 24 years and counting. That also does not define me. 

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