I think it took so long for me to post this entry about Hawai'i because I keep reliving it in my head and I’m in denial it's over. I feel like in some weird way, if I put all of the photos up, there’s no more for me to take and share because I’m not there anymore. That’s kind of how I am though. I get sad when good feelings don’t last forever, especially coming back from such a literally perfect time to the daily grind of nonstop work, errands, plans, schedules, everything. Talk about the worst post vacay funk. Here's a collection of some of my favorite shots. I loved seeing Daniel’s face at experiencing so many firsts in a place he’s never been to. Being in a beautiful place with your sweetheart is something else entirely. I loved spending time with the people I love the most. As a family, we're always so busy with our own lives and it’s hard to find the time to come together. It was so nice and much needed. Until next time, Hawai'i. Miss you.


  1. Malia, these photos are really great! Beautiful work

  2. Obsessed with this post. Are you from Hawaii originally?! Me too!

  3. These are the happiest, most colorful and vacation calling photos I've seen in a long time! They remind me of our honeymoon in Mauritius! Thank you for sharing!