The Happs

Super green bowl at Lanikai Juice // Kaiula, HI.
Ugh. The days after a vacation are the worst. Especially one so physically and spiritually healing. Other than the fact I'm completely heartbroken I had to leave Hawaii, (vacation pics and video coming this week I promise! And you're welcome, Seattle, for bringing back the weekend of sunshine) here are some updates.
  •  Art journaling is something I find myself doing more and more lately. There's something special about a human's tendency to preserve that extends so beyond just keeping things for aesthetic value. It's about saving a memory, holding on to a moment that's made me feel. Putting on soothing music and just zoning in for a couple hours with my art journal truly helps the soul. 
  • I promise you won't see the #girlswholift hashtag from me because, just no, but I'm kind of getting the hang of lifting and I kind of like it. I'm usually compelled to exhaust myself at the end of any workout with tons of cardio to feel like I even did anything, but I'm starting to feel that same sense of accomplishment after lifting. It feels good.
  • I'm looking for a body cleanse. I've been working on cleansing my mind by practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques daily, and it's changing my life in a big way. But now I want my body in the same place. I'm thinking about a sugar detox after Easter and then transitioning into maybe a paleo based diet.
  • I'm waiting to spill out my beautiful feelings and experiences from the Hawaii trip until I can get together the photos to represent them, but I just need to get this in somewhere. Probably because my mind is still on vacation, and I woke up late today for my first day back at work and couldn't even muster up the energy to even care and it takes ALOT to piss me off these days, but I'm really happy at this point in my life. I feel like the stars have finally decided to give me a break and align nicely at the perfect time. It could be the Hawaiian sun and h2o still in my skin, or the sand I keep finding everywhere, but things are rad.

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  1. That bowl looks delicious! They need food like that here but I doubt it could ever amount to the same! Cannot wait to hear the details about your trip and things ahead :)