Hello! + 20 things.

I believe the number is up to 3 thus far for how many times I've been requested, or "tagged" if you will, to do this. I also believe this would be the perfect time to share 20 things about me for my new readers! And finally, I believe this should be read wrapped up in a cozy blanket with foggy windows + coffee or anything pumpkin infused poured in your favorite mug cupped closely to your body. The holidays are upon us, darlings. I digress, or a  more appropriate phrase would be dream -- anyway, here, 20! readyset!


The blood of nine different ethnicities sails through my veins.

I will be Mrs. Miko on July 31, 2015, and this wedding planning thing is all going by so quickly!

My entire family was born and raised in Hawaii, besides me.

I have the cutest, most precious parents in all of the land.

Extensive dog lover. Think, Elmyra Duff, in all her glory.

Soon, so soon, we will have our own baby goldendoodle and she will be the great light of our lives.

I wish, beyond many other wishes I desire, to have the time and patience, but mostly time, to read again. I miss that girl whose nose was stuck in a book wherever she went. I believe I once read through an entire family road trip.

I am rather obsessive over my skin. I probably should have become a dermatologist. Or perhaps a perfume expert -- I've a romantic love affair with fancy eau de parfums.


Too often am I too tired to sleep, or bring myself to sleep, which is completely counter-intuitive but I have fully embraced that I am an odd seed.

So, you can find me using lavender oil on the soles of my feet before bed.

I sleep on a Jasmine/Raja pillowcase because Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie and I can't quite give it up for adulthood's sake just yet. 

French. I want to learn French because it's beautiful.


Blankets, soft things of any kind!

I can be quite the sap. Things that make me blubber forth tears are: darling infants, Christmas commercials, puppies, Hallmark cards, and 90's boy-band love songs.

I have an obsessive/compulsive-esque revulsion to kitchen sinks and refrigerators that aren't mine. Ever since forever, from a little girl, probably even before, and I could never rationalize it if I tried.

I am so fond of juxtapositions. Obscenities cross-stitched on flowery hoops, for example, is my type of humor.

My fiance doubles as my best giant teddy bear and I often squeeze his middle and arms and never ever let go.

Living an intimate, healthy life -- with, of course, journals, cozy sweaters, lots of coffee, pressed flowers, crisp air, the moon, Bon Iver, favorite pens, family, and a handsome boy with the smiling eyes and long legs -- is all I'll ever ever need.

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  1. You are amazing. I love this post entirely.