Moving and mystery bruises.

Hello! Hi there, I'm still here.
A hasty update on life if you don't mind. It has been a little bit! As many of you know from Instagram and Facebook, Daniel and I have made the move into our own place. And doing so, we have formed solid musings about the process. Here's a few:

// Ikea is, and never ever was, a one-time thing. Ikea happens 5 times, at least.  

// Going into stores and completely forgetting what you needed to buy is a normal occurrence by now. 

// Kitchen trash bags are expensive. 

// Couch purchases are to be done late at night, preferably on a Friday, because they're on coupon, and there's only one left in the back. And no they cannot hold it. Getting it up to the third floor also is to be done late at night -- successfully, might I add. (Thank you Dad!)

// Coffee! iTunes!! Coffee! 

// A picnic on the floor is a perfectly fine solution for being without a dining table at the moment. 

// Wanting to buy. Everything. (I am not allowed anymore house plants.) 

But we love it so. We adore living together. Hanging out with my best friend for a forever sleepover and doing things like dancing in the living room, sipping on wine while assembling furniture, asking him to get my glass tupperware because I'm just too short to reach, watching Harry Potter backwards and forwards and halfway through because cable isn't up yet. Him, being patient and a big sweetheart as I fuss around, arranging decor just so -- measuring here, marking there. Spaces and corners we can look at and feel our home.  

Anyway. The bruises! I've accumulated an adorable little collection of battle marks from moving heavy things and clumsily running into new corners that my body is unfamiliar with -- hands, thighs, toes, hips, shins. I should have photographed them. Daniel whacked his head on a shelf in the fridge on the second night. 

So, I will share more photos as our apartment comes along. It's a little piece of magic, let me tell you.


  1. a picnic on the floor is ALWAYS a fine solution, regardless of whether you have a dining table or not. ;-) and i just adore that hanging plant!

    timothy + ariana

    1. Agreed! Picnics on the floor are always a fine solution, always!!

      I yearn for them :) x

  2. KITCHEN TRASH BAGS ARE CRAAAAAZY EXPENSIVE. We've taken to downsizing our kitchen bin and using normal shopping grocery bags... But they're so NOT environmentally friendly that I just feel so bad every time I use one... Sounds like you and Daniel are having such a crazy time, but a crazy fun one at that! Must be so fun setting up your own place. Can't wait to see some shots!!! x


  3. what is it with ikea being literally the biggest time sucker on earth? i swear, that place it so great but it makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it. also, kitchen picnics! yes! glad you are loving your new place. xo

  4. hahaha i am not allowed anymore house plants too! although...hope none is dying soon. i need a green thumb.

    congratulations on the move!! x

    sharon @ shasummerwine.