Fit for a Maid.

Over the long weekend, I asked my four best ladies to be by my side at the altar and through the wonderful journey this year will bring. My heart is so, so full knowing I have them all. My beautiful, kindhearted, precious sister is my Maid of Honor and my lovely sister-in-law + two dearest friends are bridesmaids.

I am just so excited. This is all so special to me. I'm not quite sure how to get the words from inside onto this post right now. So I have shared with you the little invitation boxes I put together for them. I poured all the bits and pieces of me into these and they turned out just how I imagined.

P.S. //  I found the dress of my absolute dreams. It was the second one I tried on and you know all that stuff you hear -- about just knowing when it's the one? All of that is real.


  1. Oh wow. Congratulations on finding your dream dress... That is a HUGE feat accomplished! I haven't even thought about trying on dresses yet but I really need to get a wriggle on with that.

    I love these boxes, I know your bridal party (has that sunk in yet? hehe) would have been so stoked to get those beautiful boxes. What a lovely memory. Due to being on the other side of the world I unfortunately had to let my bridesmaids know via viber, not NEARLY as lovely as this...! So special. What a lovely treat. xx

    jemima x

    1. Thank you dear! I'm usually horrible with making decisions (imagine so with one as important as my dress!!) But! I knew it would have to be something where I'd need to follow my intuition. I didn't want to sit on a decision. If I looked for one, I would want to get it that day if I loved it.

      I am so happy with how these parcels turned out! Thank you for leaving me a little love note :)

  2. What a beautiful way to have asked your bridal party! Congratulations again as well on finding the dress. Once you have the dress it all seems even more surreal! xx

    1. It really does! I'm always rushing home to see if it has arrived. Silly -- because i know it won't be here until the end of this month. The wait is agonizing!

  3. When you posted this on instagram my jaw dropped! You are the best bride ever!




  4. I love the way you asked your bridesmaids! I wish I would've done something more special.
    Thanks for the follow, your blog is great :)

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy