To dream.

A dream so sweet, so real. You visit me often. It's like I know you and I haven't met you yet. I've memorized you. You don't exist. 

Yet, you do.

And then I awake this morning to this. Golden light saturating the shadows. It's the first thing I see as I rise and stick my toes in the carpet with sleep still in my hair and my senses. Consciousness comes in waves. I snap a photo. My mind then wakes up, too, ever so slightly behind my body and the dream comes back to me. Reintroduced with a tiny pull, an ache, and all that's left is wonder. And the cosmos sigh, Ah, yes. That dream was for a reason -- be patient my dear.


  1. Beautiful stuff. Dreams are funny things. Do you ever find yourself unable to pull yourself out of the emotion of a dream for the next day? Whether you're angry, upset, confused, happy, whatever it is - it's so amazing the way dreams toy with your emotions and make you really, truly feel something that never really happened except in the recesses of your mind/imagination. Amazing stuff.

    I always pay attention to whatever I see when I first wake up. It's usually something similar to this and is honestly one of my favourite kodak-moment-in-my-head moments of each day.

    Another stellar post from you lady.


  2. Beautiful words my Seattle girl! Loved reading this as soon as I got up. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday. Do you dream a lot? I do. I used to keep a dream journal in fact. xx

  3. :) I could read this post over and over. You have a way with words my friend.




  4. lovely words - and lovely photo.

  5. Beautiful!

    xo Jessica

  6. These words are so lovely!
    xo TJ