Calm life.

I like things just so. And too much, of anything really, causes heightened anxiety and an irritated self. Clutter sure knows how to grind my gears. Too many things, busy spaces, excess stuff, means sensory overload and I hurry off to grab a plastic trash bag and start loading things in, just out of pure annoyance. And perhaps it isn't just objects -- it's repetitive, loud noises and movements, I find especially bothersome. I suppose I prefer slow waves over choppy crests. But that's a story for another time.

So, of course, being the anxious lady I am, I Googled. Oh, I Googled until my eyes were full. Which is where I came across concepts of minimalism. I immediately let go of a couple breaths and felt calm just reading about the lifestyle. It sounded so airy, freeing, serene. Money and time saving. Reduces stress by the ten-fold.

My kind of living.

Daniel and I are in the process of getting our own place, and I find it to be the perfect time to change some routines. It's been a solid month of (trying) to be mindful with what I buy and taking some time to think about how a certain object will be used and especially where it will go. It isn't easy -- but I don't have a medium sized leather purse so I need it! A new Marc Jacobs perfume, yes! I don't have a floral maxi like that one! And on the other end of the spectrum -- everything is just so annoying, give everything away! Luckily, it has been a month since I have succumbed to any of these extremes. So I thought I'd share with you a few techniques I've been using to refrain from buying and purging all of the things. These were found from several articles online:
  • 5 minutes of clean // commit to one area in your home, set a stopwatch for 5 minutes and try to completely tidy it up. This weekend, I chose to go through my dresser and organize my clothes, putting aside items that haven't seen the light of day in ages. I managed to fill up an entire bag for the goodwill.
  • Just one of each // things seem more special when you only have one quality version of them -- one little black dress, one pearl necklace, one favorite blush, one pair of black flats, one leather purse, one jewelry box. I find this method the most challenging and I probably will never get down to only one of everything I own, but it is nice to do with timeless items that will soak in stories as they're used through the years.
  • The giveaway bag // I try to keep a single bag in the corner of my room. If something I don't want or use anymore catches my eye, in it goes. Once full, it's knotted and immediately taken to goodwill.
  • Being mindful // choosing to be consciously aware while shopping. Mindfulness in general is such a magical thing to practice in all facades of life and I will encourage it forever + ever.
  • Do something else // anything else besides shop! Sunbathe, read a good book, meditate, exercise, add to the giveaway bag, explore!

 What are your favorite ways to simplify and de-clutter?


  1. These are great tips! I honestly start to get stressed and angry when things get messy but my closet could certainly use some help! I have stuff from ages ago that I would never wear again but it has sentimental value. I'm a softie.

  2. I found that moving to the other side of the planet (from aus to england!) forced me to totally reconsider the way I look at possessions and 'things'... and I am way less stressed out and anxious about spending time in my (admittedly very tiny) space because there simply isn't much cluttering it up. It is crazy the amount of stress that a messy or 'full' room causes me... So when we could only bring two suitcases worth of things over for an indefinite period of time, I was forced to reevaluate what items were important to me and have more or less kept my closet and our apartment minimal. It is awesome.