A stigma.

I've been sitting on this post searching my mind for what to say. Robin Williams' death has brought forth something much deeper than a Hollywood tragedy. It's surfaced an issue that so many, so, so many people are silently dealing with. Silently because the stigma around mental health issues is so heavy that, instead of reaching out to feel comfort, people quietly suffer in fear. Fear of judgement and fear of failure. If you're sad or scared, tell somebody. There is no rule somewhere written in red ink forcing you to deal with it alone. Please tell somebody. 

Anxiety is something I've had to tackle my whole life and quite honestly, it doesn't just go away. There's never a magic wand -- how wonderful would that be? I have dug to the deepest depths of my being and created a life that minimizes it, but also honors it in that, if it appears, I have the tools and I know what to do. Oh it has taken years and years for me to realize feelings are just that. Feelings. Nothing more. They can be so strong and dark and frightening, but they won't last, no matter how tight a grip they keep you in. No matter how crippled you feel. If there's one tiny shred of hope it's that feelings and emotions are momentary -- fleeting. They only have as much power over you as you allow them to. They may seem fixed and robust, but you're infinitely stronger and resilience is such a real thing, I promise. I promise.

If you find yourself having a hard time, go on a walk. Watch a movie. Watch 4 movies and get lost in the story. Begin a new hobby and throw your beautiful soul into it and then shout it from the mountain tops. Clean. Practice mindful meditation. Read a book, exercise, eat ice cream, pet a dog, tell somebody! You. Will. Feel. Better. Being okay won't happen in an hour, over night, or perhaps even years. But slowly, you'll notice relief dancing around and before you know it, you'll find yourself dancing too. 


  1. i.heart.your.face.so.hard. (and the rest of you as well!!!) so proud of the work that you've done, that you're doing, and that you will continue to do. #proudbeegseester!!! love you to bits'o'pieces'o'miniscule'o'crumbs!

    1. I love you most!!! Couldn't even do it without your support too :)

  2. His death certainly hits home based on the mere fact that he spent his entire life making people smile, laugh and forget about their own reality. Goes to show that even the person always smiling and making others smile....they could be dealing with the un fathomable. xx

    You are wonderful little lady. Although heavy, I love your transparency and your heart. xox

  3. so true :) it gets tough sometimes but time will heal, it always does. we're all fighting in our own ways, but always look on the bright side. love this post, thanks malia x

  4. You are amazing. Thanks for putting this out there, I definitely needed to hear this today!




  5. Needed to read this. Awesome work.

  6. Thank you for sharing this and for being so open. Getting lost in movies is definitely something I love to do when I'm feeling under.
    xo TJ


  7. Beautiful post. Loving your blog. Followed you on bloglovin. :)

    xx Mary
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