25 years of you.

We celebrated your 25th birthday on Saturday, mon amour. Yes, Valentine's day too -- which I've always thought to be charming. But your birthday first. Always first.

Always first because I get love day with you every day. And I am eager to see the vastness of all the other love days. A warm day in June. A busy day where we just miss each other and there's only time for good morning-see you laters and hello-goodnights. A day so full of bits of things and dancing in the living room to sounds from the perfectly intimate speakers of our Crosley. An evening where our eyes both synch shut as our tired heads hit the pillows, reaching for a spot to touch -- an arm, a leg, on the cusp of unconsciousness, and then sleep. I get to have all these love days with you, and you with I.  Naturally, all I wanted was to love on you for your birthday.

So I hope your birthday was as sweet as mine. Though you weren't feeling well, and though we had an early night, you were joyful. And I fill with joy when you do -- sniffles and all.

I love you my 25 year old (very) soon to be husband.


  1. Awww. Happy birthday 25th to your soon to be hubby!
    I was supposed to be born right on Valentine's Day but I decided to sleep in an extra week. ;)

    P.s your eyeliner is always slammin'

    xo Danica

    1. Thank you love, I swear by Kat Von D's tattoo liner! :) It's funny how babies decide to arrive on a holiday. I suppose the odds are the same for any other day, since every day is the same to them :)

  2. Aw how cuuute, happy 25th birthday! You have a lovely blog. And your eyeliner is ON POINT!
    Laura x

  3. malia you are a great writer & your love is beautiful. also your eyeliner is in POINT.