my classic line // beauty things vol. 01

It is essential for a lady in this era to have a signature style. That she can be recognized from afar, so she can feel marvelous in her own skin, that she can know herself as the graceful yet fierce woman she is. Classic, lovely,  familiar. It feels so good. She owns it.

And she also doesn't have to think too hard while painting the finishing touches on her delicate face in the morning, or for a romantic evening, or for no particular reason other than to feel wonderful.

I enjoy dappling with different eye shadows, usually in tones of rose and gold. Lately, I've worn a basic smoky eye. I prefer my lashes long and lush (forever grateful for the set I inherited from my mama -- hers are lengthy as can be) and my cheekbones rosy and glowing. I prefer a feminine, blooming shade for my lips with an occasional deep red if I'm feeling sassy. And always fill your brows making sure your hand is light as air so it isn't stamped on!

But oh, I adore my eyeliner. I'll paint on the wings, the cat eyes, the clean clean lines until I am ninety-two. I have a specific brand I use and a method, practiced and true, I perform each time. Same starting point, same angles, same flicks of the wrist -- I wouldn't refer to as anything other than perpetual. As well as the frequent comments/requests on Instagram, Facebook, and even here, I have been stopped in public, asked about what I use and how I do it, time and time again. One woman, a Nordstrom employee, bless her, had me do a quick tutorial on her as I was perusing the fragrances -- this, a love affair and the guiltiest of pleasures I'll write more on later.

So, for the quick guide! I use this brand of eyeliner, with this method. That's it! No tricks, no scotch-tape, no special erasers. I really just scoured Pinterest for a while and practiced my heart out. I do find that the surer the hand, the sharper the line. And! I almost never line the bottom lid as I find it makes eyes appear smaller.

I do love beauty and everything feminine, so perhaps I'll make this more than a once-in-a-blue-moon type of thing in this space. Yes, I think so.


  1. that cat-eye eyeliner looks so fabulous on you! i love that it's your signature thing - it's so classy. (and i have that eyeliner, it's nothing short of amazing.)

  2. Really beautiful photos!
    I've been wanting to try that eyeliner, it looks so good on you!