Bits, pieces, and visions.

I have found so much comfort thrifting and decorating these days. Keeping my mind occupied has never failed to be the best medicine for worry and rumination. It has been such a treasure to put on my favorite songs and create like my soul is so inclined to do. It is in these moments I feel like my best self.

I like to find items with pasts and stories rubbed deep in the opaque glass, chipped paint layers, and tattered frames. Especially the frames. Whose lover's precious face was behind this glass before mine?

These are a few of my favorite nooks around my room. I'm also doing this as inspiration for our wedding and playing with different textures and colors to fit our antiqued garden theme. Anytime I prepare for an exciting project or adventure, I always manifest tell-tale signs in little areas of my life. I do things with purpose even without realizing it. 

I have always been that way.


  1. Your vintage finds are amazing. I love anything from the past, even black and white movies. I guess I call myself an old soul. I think you have an old soul in you. I hope you don't mind me saying that. :)

    1. You know, I have always considered myself an old soul. My fiance and I always joke how we're convinced we were born in the wrong era. And thank you! I love things that have a story. I really get my pull towards anything vintage from my mother :)