The night I ruined my back and Godzilla.

Some of my favorite flowers Daniel bought for me.
This damn month. Along with other health stuff, I took a fall last night down some stairs and destroyed my back. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. My hands were full so I wasn't holding on and had nothing to catch my fall. I hit my back on the edge of the stairs full force completely knocking the wind out of me. I freaked out thinking I did some serious damage and I couldn't breathe. Today I saw a spine doctor and physical therapist, got some gnarly pain meds and muscle relaxants too. I had to get an X-ray but luckily I didn't break anything, stuff is just inflamed, bruised, and strained. Basically everything hurts, especially my chest and upper back, it sucks to move and I feel like I'm 80. 

Every time things get hard, I start to make mini goals and lists. It's either that or I start to pace around my room and throw things away. This past month hasn't been the least bit forgiving and if I have to see the inside of another doctor's office I will surely lose it, man. But never mind that. Here are some things I have finally gotten around to do, before I so gracefully fell of course:
  • Sent out a couple snail mail letters
  • Finally got my glasses so I can see real life things now
  • Caught up with a couple of good friends
  • Made a good rough draft of the wedding list 
  • Possibly decided on a wedding party 
  • Started an appropriate eating regimen for my work and gym schedule
Oh and I guess I should mention we're going to see Godzilla this Friday (if my back is up for it) and I've haven't been as equally excited and terrified in a long time. Huge shit that mobs up from the depths of the ocean is just no. Bigness, vastness, too-large-to-comprehend type of stuff scares me. But the mystery of it makes me all giddy and I know I'll be fidgeting and squealing like I'm about to see Santa or something. It kind of feels like how I always dry heaved as a little girl when everyone sang me happy birthday and I was just ridiculously nervous. I'm weird ok.

Have a beautiful second full week of May, sweet readers. 


  1. Those flowers are beautiful!


  2. I just stumbled on your blog today and I'm so glad. it's beautiful! Sorry to hear about your back. That is the worst!
    Nestled in Nostalgia

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Mandy! I'm glad you stumbled on it, too :)

  3. Yikes! Back injuries are the WORST! At least the baby's breath is beautiful. :] // Carmen ☼