Busy bee.

Goodness. It feels like it's been quite some time because it has been quite some time. How is the warmth of summer's grand entrance here already? How has the solstice come and gone without lingering long enough for me to say hello? These recent weekends have been filled to the brim with tiny road trips, venue scouring, more Starbucks trips than ideal, overplayed mix CDs, thrifting, and the world of diy bridal party invitations -- which are turning out lovely if I say so myself.

But! We have found our wedding venue! And it is perfectly stunning and we just knew. July 31, 2015 -- our official day becoming Mr. and Mrs. The date just sounds perfect. It looks perfect. We have decided to keep the location hush-hush because it's an exciting secret to keep with family and close friends for just a little while longer. No peeking my sweet friends. We'll announce it soon enough.

Oh and I musn't leave out the adventure that transpired this weekend. My dear friend Alyssa captured our engagement photos in a hand-holding, palm-sweating, stomach-churning experience atop the second highest railway arch in the states. 347 foot drop right off the edge. Wood pieces with suspicious give. I was barefoot and only made it halfway across. It was terrifying in all the best possible ways. We managed to get some gems there and then pulled over to any interesting place we could spot to shoot the rest. Thank you for risking your life with us Alyssa! We are very lucky to have her, indeed. Alyssa and I shared a couple of delicious cranberry ginger ale spritzers mid shoot, which sauced things up nicely for the rest of the day. That surely contributed to my silly charisma and flushed face during the last leg of the shoot and will undoubtedly show up on film.

Daniel, my darling, you are marrying quite the handful.

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