Something new.

This makes my ass look GREAT.

How do brides function in mermaid gowns?!

I am really short.

Cant. Breathe.

What does this thing do...oh.

Can this count as cardio for the day.

Omg this could be the one!

But what if the one is still out there.

This isn't the one.

Where does this go?!

*Steps all over the front of gown*

God I'm short.

Lace! Beading! Trains!

I'm starving. //

I present to you the thoughts that went through my head, or I happened to say aloud during my first trial consultation for a wedding dress. I'd like to thank my precious mama bird and daddy love for coming with me. It was very fun and very special. I feel ready to venture deep in to the nooks and aisles of the bridal boutiques I've been dreaming about!


  1. Ahh, this made me giggle a little bit.

    I can imagine those exact words going through your head, especially for any bride really.

    Lovely post and lovely blog. :)

    Naturally Jes

    1. Thank you very much! Wedding dress shopping is really something else :)

      You have quite the lovely blog yourself!


  2. Haha how short are you? I'm worried I'm going to have that problem when I engaged. I'm teeny tiny and I don't know how I'm going to find a dress to suit!