If there's one thing we take very seriously around here it's breakfast. Not sure how I got so lucky to find my match who loves it as much as I do! It's a really big deal and we are proud breakfast snobs. We make it extra special sometimes by waking up and going out like we did this morning. Our absolute favorite spot is the Wild Wheat Bakery right down the hill from home. Everything's from scratch: homemade breads, pastries, buckwheat pancakes, quiche, french toast, omelets, awesome coffee, and it's just adorable. Can I just substitute all the meals for breakfast and never eat anything else ever again? Because I would be okay with that. 


  1. I love breakfast too, I will have to try the wild wheat bakery I've never heard of it before.

  2. You must! It's so perfect you'll absolutely love it.

  3. Wild Wheat is one of my favorite breakfast spots back home! Love it so much I even had my 17th birthday there with all my friends at the time. haha

    1. Well it looks like we have a place to go when you come back so we can grab some food! It's my favorite place ever :)

  4. I have a serious weakness for a good omelette and potatoes! Sounds and looks like I need to check this place out when I move back!