Love Yourself Tuesday.

I got it from my mama.
I have decided every Tuesday around here will be a day to love yourself. Who likes Tuesdays? I don’t, you don’t. Because let's be real, Tuesday is a drag. No one likes it, it’s kind of a jerk, and everyone’s just face palming all day because it isn’t hump day, it isn’t Friday eve, it isn’t even Friday at all, and y’all were already prepared for Monday being gross because it’s Monday. So why not give yourself a little reminder that you’re awesome too? Right there in that awkward pre-middle of the week period when you’re just blah? Love Yourself Tuesdays or LYTs are gonna be a thing here. I need to remember to be kind to myself, and you need to remember to be kind to yourself. It can be anything; a freckle, characteristic, scar, a photo, an outfit, something you did, something you didn’t, just pick one thing you dig about yourself in that very moment. Talk yourself up, love yourself down. Share it with me here in the comments and I'll write back. Tell a stranger, yell at the sky, sing it in the car. Love. Your. Self. Here's mine.
My awkward stage was bad. I mean it was awful, like my eyebrows had their own personalities awful. It stuck around for a long long time and I didn't really start feeling comfortable in my own skin until after high school. Teenagers can be little shits, girls specifically, so that didn't help either. I was deeply self-conscious and I struggled because of it. Today I can wake up, look in the mirror, and see beauty in my imperfections. I can see my tiny bird lips (bottom larger than the top), an a-symmetrical hairline I used to hide behind a massive side-swept fringe that was almost as dramatic as my teenage angst. I see contentment, wisdom, worry lines and sass.
I can also see my mother. One of the coolest things is seeing photos of her back in the day and realizing our resemblance, especially at this time in my life. We definitely were twinning in our early twenties without even meeting each other. We often wore our hair up the same way, posed alike without meaning to, and we both have that deep-in-thought, off into the distance gaze every now and again. I get real excited when people tell me I look like her. I'm honored I do, she's stunning. And guess what? We rock the same hairline. And that is what I love about myself today. 


  1. You and your mama are lovely. And this is such a great idea because you're so right about Tuesdays.

    1. Thanks Jodes! Tuesdays are horrible, I hate them, so doing this helps me feel better!