Confession. I am a huge baby when I'm sick. I was the kid who would stare down meds on the counter because I had some sort of pill taking anxiety and cry and throw an epic tantrum which would usually induce projectile vomit everywhere and it would be just awful. Even though I'm basically a grown adult now and it's not that dramatic anymore, I'm still a pathetic sickling. Stubborn, don't wanna move, won't eat but instead will whine forever, sadgirl status. This time it's a gnarly sinus infection which was the cause of my two week tonsillitis and the doc wanted me to wait it out before giving me meds. Now it's in my lungs and my ears and head hurt but I've got my meds! Check out my perfect Aladdin pillowcase; Raja on one side, Jasmine on the other. Most favorite. I'll just be right here, listening to the most beautiful cover of Edelweiss (with one semi-functioning ear) and will possibly think about watching Matilda later because everyone knows that's the best feel better flick. Possibly.

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