One of my favorite times together is right before we go to bed and suddenly we’re wide awake and cracking up and talking to each other into the nighttime surrounding us. It reminds me we’re still playful and so much best friends just as much as sweethearts. I can't help but always think there’s something special about him. I've always thought so. I’m aware that’s almost like the most cliché thing you can say about your man, but I really really know so. He’s just a uniquely wonderful person, I have never met someone as caring, understanding, and as selfless as he is. I feel so safe in knowing he'll have those same qualities in a husband and father.

As wedding planning has begun, I realize we’ll be wrapped up every tiny little detail of what we have to arrange and it’s very likely we’ll down a few glasses of wine at the endless list of things to remember. He actually pulled me aside today and gave me a huge long hug after we began to look through the huge wedding planner I bought. It was really up there in the list of hugs we've shared and it's been a ton in 6 and a half years trust me. He said we've been so busy lately and will only get busier in the months to come but it's always important to stop and just love on each other. To not get so caught up in everything that affection is sacrificed to keep up with deadlines and details. I was completely caught off guard and fell in love with him all over again in that moment. I love his mind, how he always puts us before anything else. All that matters is that he'll be waiting for me at the end of the aisle to begin the journey we started so many years ago. And after all he’s been through, my priority is to create the loving, caring, home and family with him he’s always deserved.

An all over the place post today, but goodness I love him so. I don't want to kiss the bridge of anyone else's nose or eat frozen kitkats with anyone else or have anyone else call me his honeybird or dove. I don't want to go out dancing with anyone else or catch anyone else's stray eyelashes or warm my hands under anyone else's' armpits. 

Things just make sense with you. Life just makes more sense with you. I want to say I'm lucky I found you, but we really kind of found each other.


  1. I'll be waiting for you at the end of the aisle too right next to dan ;)

    1. Aw Niq!!! And I don't want anyone else right by his side :)

  2. This is so beautiful! And good luck with all the wedding planning!
    xo TJ